Cerebelly Organic Smart Bar With Brain-Supporting Nutrients Carrot Date, 5 Bars

Why You’ll Love It

These healthy toddler oat bars are a mind-blowing concoction that will make your little ones shout, "Eureka!" with every scrumptious bite. Cerebelly’s Smart Bars are packed with a whopping 16 brain-supporting nutrients–we're talking about iron, selenium, niacin and plant-based DHA, and a whole lot more brain-loving goodness–all cleverly concealed within a mouthwatering medley of real fruits and veggies. It's like a science experiment that went brilliantly right, with each organic ingredient carefully selected to support your child's optimal nutrition and brain development. Combining the superpowers and natural sweetness of carrots and dates, this no added sugar bar is like a slice of carrot cake magically transformed into a convenient, on-the-go snack!


Organic oats, Organic carrots, Organic sunflower seed butter, Organic crushed dates, Organic raisins, Organic nutrient blend (organic tapioca fibre, nutrients derived from [chlorella, kelp, pumpkin seed, spinach, sunflower seed, maitake mushroom]), Organic tapioca fibre, Organic pumpkin seeds protein, Organic amaranth, Organic natural flavours, Organic cinnamon, Organic orange extract, Sea salt, DHA algal oil

Made in a facility that also processes gluten, dairy, eggs, and soy