The 3 Best Non-Alcoholic Beers That Tastes Like The Real Thing

The 3 Best Non-Alcoholic Beers That Tastes Like The Real Thing

Sometimes, you just want a beer, a good non-alcoholic beer. That's why we've rounded up the best non-alcoholic beers, from IPAs to stouts--get all the smoothness and flavour of beer, without the alcohol!



Non-alcoholic beer to all, and to all a good night! Have yourself a week of revelry to keep those long weekend vibes going strong because there’s nothing better than keeping the party going! Everything deserves a celebration, especially now with the winds turning warm and the flowers beginning to bloom, when the days feel like they’ll never end and you can keep the vibes going forever. With summer fast approaching, it’s time for the weekly bonfires, camping and road tripping to the nearest beach, barbecues and cotton candies that you get at those small summer fairs, the whole shebang, and what better way to keep the summer vibes strong with some beers? Beers are just known as the summer kind of drink, something that pairs well with an afternoon barbeque block party, or to drink huddled around a fire. Not too fond of the after effects of drinking a hoppy IPA though? Or have something to do the next day and need to keep sober so you don’t have to trudge through a beer hangover? Not to worry because we at Natura Market are also beer lovers but without the morning after part, we too wish to avoid that, and the brands below are definitely in agreement! We’ve compiled a list of the top three non-alcoholic beers for you to enjoy to keep the long weekend vibes going all throughout the week! 


Get your groove on with Gruvi!

Go on a sober adventure with your best pal, arm in arm with Gruvi at your side! Enjoy the Gruvi way, never being left out of the moment because there should be no sacrifice when it comes to health and living a social life! Celebrate every moment and feel the best every step of the way with Gruvi’s non-alcoholic beers! At Gruvi, they believe that regardless of what’s in your cup or what you’re sippin’ on, no one should ever miss out on the moment, and they’ve carefully curated their beverages to reflect that. Gruvi’s beers are hailed as one of the best game changing non-alcoholic bevies in the game, even winning the Gold Medal for Best Non-Alcoholic Beer in the World at the World Beer Cup for their brews! With their fun and delicious beers, they’re trailblazing and paving the way to a new way to socialize and enjoy ourselves to make every moment worth celebrating, and well, more Gruvi! With no added sugars, these non-alcoholic craft beers are sure to become your go to beverage whenever a celebration hits! Let the good times Gruvi on, because everybody, no matter their diet or lifestyle choices, whether necessary or by choice, should have to sacrifice the simple pleasures of beer, and Gruvi just gets that!   


No more brew-ding now that Athletic Brewing is here! 

Keeping to an active lifestyle but love cracking a cold one at the end of a long day? Athletic Brewing’s non-alcoholic beers are here for your needs! And it’s not just at the end of a hard day of work that you can enjoy Athletic Brewing’s brews, their beers are the perfect beverage that you can enjoy anywhere, at any time, and make every moment a moment to celebrate, no worries or hangovers. Founded by a duo who had a crazy idea and wanted the best of both worlds; leading an active lifestyle while still being able to enjoy a fresh, delicious beer. After dozens upon dozens of trials and errors, the Athletic Brewing team was finally able to pull together products that were both able to be integrated into a healthy lifestyle while still being able to enjoy the novelty of their favorite beer beverages! Athletic Brewing is definitely the brew of the century, and there’s no compromises anyone needs to make in order to enjoy them, and they constantly win awards for their prized non-alcoholic brews, even more so than their alcoholic counterparts!  Crack these open for your summer celebrations and feel like the life of the party with Athletic Brewing’s hoppy IPA non-alcoholic beers and you won’t ever need to go back to regular old beer ever again! 


Don’t be beer shy with Vandestreek!  

At Vandestreek, they believe sobriety can be fun, exciting and flavourful and they’ve curated non-alcoholic beers to resonate this. Made with nothing but the best ingredients, like the hoppiest of hops, malts, and yeast, there’s absolutely no cutting corners on quality with Vandestreek non-alcoholic beers. It’s all that you love about your favorite beer beverages without the alcohol so that everyone can enjoy it! Made with bold and delicious flavors that hold nothing back, Vandestreek never settles for anything less than perfection when it comes to their craft beers. Vegan and plant based, these cans are crafted for all kinds of beer lovers. Crack a cold one by the fire pit, shout your lungs out at a festival, count the stars and get lost in the galaxy with Vandestreek’s non-alcoholic craft beers every step of the journey because no one should sacrifice taste for sobriety!


We hope you can find a favorite non-alcoholic brew to keep up the vibes that the Victoria Day long weekend offers because there’s no wrong time to celebrate with friends and family and crack open a fresh can of non-alcoholic beer! It’s time to start living up every moment, no more stressing about what you’re sippin’ on and just focus on being in the now because that’s what the long weekend, and summer is all about!    

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