Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is right around the corner, and if you're still scrambling for an idea of what to get, NaturaMarket is here to help! Whether she's into cooking, baking, or just wants to spend time with her kids, we've got the perfect last-minute gift!


With the day of mother’s and motherly figures rapidly approaching, some of us are scrambling to find presents for them to show our appreciation for all that they do for us, and all that they have done for us. It’s hard to encapsulate all of the love we have for our mothers and motherly figures into one simple gift or card, but of course, there’s no problem in settling on a gift card when the occasion calls for it. Sometimes it’s best just to spoil our mothers and motherly figures with a way for them to get what they want because who knows our moms better than themselves? But for those of us who want to add a little bit more to their gift, something that’s straight from the heart and made with the swat on our brow from how long we’ve contemplated on what to get one of the most important figures in our lives, here are a few extra, and easy Mother’s Day presents and ideas to surprise her!   


Make a Mother’s day menu!

What's a love language that’s better than food? Probably acts of service, but it really depends on who you ask. Either way, by making a Mother’s day menu, you’ll be providing your mother with not only her favorite foods, but also providing her with an act of service, two of the most essential love languages out there! Want to give your mom a day of relaxation by cooking up some great and healthy meals for the day but don’t know what kind of menu to plan? Here are a few easy and healthy ideas that you can use for the day!



Start the menu off with breakfast that moms and others are sure to love with these bacon, egg and cheese breakfast pizza bagels

Go gluten-free and simple with this gluten free coffee cake French toast recipe

If she's got a busy day ahead of her for Mother’s day, and needs something energizing on the go, you can’t go wrong with a vanilla chia seed pudding that you can prepare for her the night before!

If she’s all about the morning smoothies and loves herself a good berry, this berrylicious keto breakfast smoothie is sure to start her day off on the right foot!   



Spice up your mother’s day lunch with this Sweet and Tangy Japanese BBQ Chicken recipe!

Serve up some energy for lunch with this easy to make high protein Mediterranean hummus bowl

If your mom loves herself some soup (though we know nothing compares to ma’s homemade soups), try your hand at an easy to make vegan "chicken" soup with this recipe!



Introduce a taste of Italy with this quick and easy creamy Tuscan kale pasta with a side of low carb cheesy broccoli bake!

Make an easy “lazy-agna” with this gluten free lazy lasagna recipe!

Planning a plant based menu for mother’s day? Try out these easy to make vegan taco stuffed jumbo pasta shells!   


Snack & Dessert 

Gluten-free oatmeal raisin cookies are the perfect combination of sweet and healthy, and are great as a snack!

Looking for some bite sized energy for your mother’s day menu? Look no further than these high protein chocolate date energy bites!  

Fudge-t about any stress with this plant based salted caramel cookie fudge recipe - perfect for those moms who have a sweet tooth for fudge and caramel!

Layer up your mother’s day menu with this decadent vegan chocolate layer cake recipe!      


DIY a gift kit with all their favorites!

Okay, so maybe cooking isn’t your forte, and that’s totally fine, we get it! While making a menu may not be up your alley for this mother’s day, there’s still so many other things you can do to show your mama some love, and a perfect gift that we think encapsulates all that love is a DIY gift kit filled with all her favorites! You can bundle up a gift kit with as many items as you want, from her favorite chocolates, to a fancy tea set! If she loves herself a good coffee, get some fan favorite dairy free creamers for that touch of sweetness! If she’s a baker, spoil her to the nth degree with a slew of healthy baking ingredients, or if she loves herself some snacks, fill up her Mother’s day basket with a bunch of healthy snacks! Or, you can do a hybrid of her favorite treats and some skincare and body care products so that she can have herself a relaxing, spa and snack day all for herself. Throw in her favorite mocktails as the cherry top to the perfect DIY gift kit for her to enjoy not just for Mother’s Day, but for any day!         


At home spa day! 

What’s a better way to show mom that you love her than treating her (and yourself because we all deserve a good spa day sometimes) to a spa day! Spa days are one of the most relaxing days ever, no stress, great massages, facials, mud masks, all that jazz, but of course, spa days are a definitely luxury, a once in a blue moon type of activity, well, we think moms deserve more than just one day devoted to relaxation, and with a personalized, at home spa day, you can give your mom the ultimate relaxation day, not just for Mother’s day, but any day of the week! No need to go to a spa to get pampered, have a stay-cation with your mom and whip out all the skincare and body care products to give her the best, homestay spa day ever! Lavish her pores with a mud mask, a gentle prebiotic face wash, and a soothing, brightening vitamin C serum so she can remain ever glowing on her special day. Spoil her silly with a spa experience she’ll never forget for this Mother’s day without breaking the bank and breaking a sweat of stress! 


You can never go wrong with some quality time with mama!

Sometimes, it’s really just the time that counts for some moms out there. We know ourselves all too well of mothers and motherly figures alike that all say the same thing: “don’t get me anything” or “I don’t need anything”! But of course, we always want to do something, even if it’s something small for our moms. No need to put on the ritz or go nuts trying to search for that perfect gift. All some moms really want is just to spend some good quality time, bonding and reminiscing, maybe over a bottle of non alcoholic sparkling rose, and some snacks, or pop on her favorite movie and enjoy a bag of popcorn, rehashing all those lines and scenes that she loves from those classics that she probably put on repeat when you were younger that you can also probably quote too because of how much it was playing in your house growing up. Sometimes all mom needs is to know that you’re okay and life’s going as good as she hoped it would when you were small enough to cling to her hip and tail her everywhere she went. When we get older, it’s easy for a few connections to slip through the cracks, one of them being with our moms, and they may not always admit it. So even if your mom insists that she’s fine not getting anything for this Mother’s day, sometimes what she’s really asking for is to just spend some time with you, catch up, and just gab about anything and everything! 


We hope that these gift ideas make mulling over what to get your mom make it a bit easier on what to decide on for this Mother’s day!

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