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Rise & Shine: There’s a few encouraging trend lines in Colorado test results

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FOCUS ON GROWTH When test score data is released, Denver district leaders don’t go to the schools with the highest scores. Instead, they heap praise on the schools showing high rates of growth for students of color, who have traditionally not been well served by the district. Chalkbeat

TEST RESULTS More than half of Colorado students in grades three through eight didn’t meet grade-level expectations in reading, writing, or math on state tests they took this past spring, but state education officials see a few promising trend lines in the 2019 test results, including in the state’s literacy scores, which have edged up every year since this more rigorous CMAS test was first administered in 2015. Chalkbeat Colorado Public Radio

Use our searchable databases to find your school’s CMAS results and SAT results.

Most groups of students saw small changes in their test performance compared to 2018, but English language learners recorded big drops, a change that educators attribute to local disruptions like snowstorms and national ones like immigration politics. Denver Post

Many Colorado Springs-area districts posted above average test results, as did students in Boulder County. Gazette Daily Camera

Students in District 51 in Mesa County showed gains across grade level, economic class, and race and ethnicity. Grand Junction Sentinel

TEACHING HISTORY Led by education journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones, the New York Times has published The 1619 Project, a deep look at how slavery transformed every aspect of American society. The project comes with educational resources for every grade level. The Pulitzer Center

HELPING HAND A new national center is trying to better equip rural teachers to help students with mental health issues. WFYI

SCHOOL CALENDAR Chalkbeat’s Philissa Cramer talks about why school starts in August or even July in some places and after Labor Day in others. Not all the factors are academic. WBUR

PAY RAISE Employees of the Pueblo 60 district — not just teachers, but paraprofessionals, custodians, food service workers, and others — will start the school year with 3.29% raises. Chieftain

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