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Rise & Shine: Why it matters when refugee students have the wrong birthdate

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DOCUMENTS Many refugee students register for school using the wrong birthdate. Advocates urge Aurora district to change how it verifies age. Chalkbeat

ELECTION 2019 A Denver graduate who has spent her career working for organizations that aim to improve the lives of children, including the Colorado Children’s Campaign, the Mile High United Way, and now Scholars Unlimited, is running for school board. Chalkbeat

HARD CHOICES School districts often face financial challenges after charter schools open in large numbers, according to a growing body of research. But the effect may be less significant in states like Colorado that have seen their student population increase. Chalkbeat

COLLEGE ADMISSIONS Aurora Public Schools Foundation is working to help students in Aurora Public Schools navigate the college admissions process and attend the school of their dreams. 9 News

NEVER GIVE UP Here’s a story about how a once-custodian eventually became a principal in the same school district: Denver Public Schools. He’s worked just about every job in between, too. CNN via The Denver Channel

BITING THE BUDGET After losing more than 1,000 students last year, the Colorado Springs School District 11 had to make some tough decisions — eliminating some 100 positions and cutting a night school program. But the cuts may not have been as bad as originally predicted. The Gazette

THAT’S NOT ALL There’s a similar situation in Cherry Creek schools. The normally wealthy district faces a shrinking student body and $3.5 million budget deficit that could jeopardize the quality of future teacher salaries. Sentinel

CHILD CARE CRISIS Although Congress dramatically increased federal funding for child care last year, advocates say receiving programs are only able to serve one in every six eligible children. The House is going to consider a bill this week that could address that issue. The 74 Million


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